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Planer Molder

A planer molder is a machine that can shape wood by utilizing one or more profile cutters that are facing horizontally along the cutting field. The wood is fed through the planer molder horizontally, and the blades sort of “shave” off the wood as it goes through to make the edges straight, or to make them a desired width.



Many people in many different woodworking professions utilize planer molders in their everyday jobs, including cabinet makers, carpenters, and other woodworking specialists. The reason they call a planer molder a planer molder is because it is a molder with a built-in planer. A planer shaves wood off of the flat face, while a molder takes wood off of the horizontal edge.


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But why do you need a planer molder? Well, that is a good question, but here is the answer. A planer molder is needed because a lot of hardwood stock does not come in the same sizes. They are cut out at whatever size they are, and often, cabinet makers and other woodworkers will need to planer/molder the stock down to the proper size. In this type of work, the wood need to be the exact same thickness, which is why a planer molder is such a useful tool.

One thing about a planer molder is that you need to be careful when using it, as when using any woodworking tools. The blades travel at a very high rate of speed, are revolving with a lot of force, and are very sharp! This means that if it can cut wood, it can definitely cut you, so exercise caution when working with tools like this. Never use your bare hands to feed wood in past the safe point, and always follow the safety guidelines in the manual when working with them.

If you are thinking of buying a planer molder, the main question you need to ask yourself is whether you need to buy a small one, or an industrial sized one. If you are a project carpenter, or if you only use a planer molder once in awhile, then you can probably get away with a small one.



However, if you are planning on starting an all out woodworking shop, or are going to be doing anything on a serious professional level with it, you might want to go ahead and invest in a full sized, heavy duty commercial grade planer molder.

You will be able to utilize an industrial, shop sized planer molder a lot better and for a lot longer than you will be able to a small portable one, though a small one will work if  you only need to do small things with it.

A planer molder is a great investment for any woodworker. If you plan on making a living woodworking, then you will definitely need to buy a planer molder at some point. There are a lot of brands available, such as JET, Woodmaster, Powermatic and Belsaw, to name a few, but if you choose one that you are already comfortable with, then you will probably not have any problems.


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